Ewelink advanced plan subscription

hello there ,

i got advanced plan and sharing my home to my other email account , whenever i open from my other account at ewelink web i can see the devices but cant control them , a pop up goes asking me to join advanced plan which i already joined at my main account , is there any workaround to make it possible to control my device from my second account ?

is it possible in future to make advance plan to include several users for same home ? i mean the subscription as per home not as per user or email

Yes, currently the Advanced Plan is tied to the specific account that subscribes to it, and the associated benefits are unlocked for that account only. If you want your other account to control devices via the web, it also needs to upgrade to the Advanced Plan. We’re actively considering this option(or a plan like family plan) for future updates. Please stay tuned!

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An old condition. A few years ago I also experienced that the plan is only per account and cannot be shared.

I guess it’s the same with CAST web where you have to log in with an account with an active plan. Unless it’s no longer necessary now?

As usual, I will suggest https://sequematic.com and build a sequence based on a webhook and host your own website which will contain a URL, of course password protected!