Cast and smartLife

I have a lot of devices added to smartLife app.

the eWeLink can’t manage smartlife’s devices. What I have to do:

I installed smartingThings, synced it with my smartlife account and extracted my devices from there, then go back to eWelink to sync with SmartThings which is synced with smartlife.

Now they appear in my home and I can change his status, but I CAN’T use these devices in my Cast and dashboards making my Advanced plan useless for me.

The question is:

How can I use my devices imported from smartLife app in my Casts?

Observe this: Quickly connect eWeLink Smart Home to Smart Life - IFTTT

Hi jam3,
Thanks for your response.

But this is not enough and does not solve my problem, in addition, to adding new issue, the cost with IFFTT.