eWeLink App vs eWeLink CAST

Hi all (first entry)

That was yesterday.
Today all the devices are back …?!

After I installed CAST on my tablet I ‘lost’ most of my devices in eWeLink App (7 out of 8) …?
They still work/function (fx scenes), but the devices can’t be operated - as they are not there to be clicked on …!

All devices is correctly in CAST and works just fine.
Btw: Nice App !


I’m sorry. I thought the problem had gone away. Instead I was confused by the tablets. Yes I have 2 and strange enough, it’s the new one where the problem are.
2 rooms ‘are gone’ !?
‘Stue’ and ‘Køkken’, but only on the new (-er) tablet?
How do I get those rooms back?