Cannot change the date and time

Dear friends

I have problems with date and time on nspanel can anyone help me please and the weather is also not working

Did u fix it?

No. Do u know how to fix it. ?

Try to get the location info of the device via eWeLink app–>NSPanel–>device settings -->screen settings -->location

The location of the device is stuck on guangzhou and cannot change. And no matter what country i choose. It fails to change.

I think is a problem with fw 1.4.0.

The last update keep location, but doesn’t change weather or outdoor temperature.

If you try to “re-locate” or try a new location on eWeLink App, result on “Failed. Please try again” message.

Hey @Alexie do you know about this new problem with this fw update???
By the way, thanks for the change to the background.

I have the same problem

I have the same problem!

There is no such menu or option called About in the nspanel

I have the same issue and I am following this thread. I hope a solution is found.
Just says’ Failed, try again’

I believe there is some bug in the eWeLink app

It worked for me. It seems there is a bug in eWeLink iOS App version ,I used android version and it worked for me.

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Me too.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this has caused everyone and have been expedited to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for pointing out this error, we will continue to follow up and keep you updated.

Hi I am having the same issue and just bought this panel is there a fix for this ?

Use android version of the app and it will work.

Well it suddenly working today

Hi There…
Today I realize that all my NSPanel’s don’t update the weather…
I try to re-locate on app, but the message is always “Failed”.
Anyone with the same issue?
This happen in January, but bak to work after a few days, but now i have the same problem.

And all my NSPanel show different weather and outside temperature…
When this issue 'll be really be solve?

It is a feature. Just choose the best weather before you go outside.
Ok, sorry. That wasn’t helpful…

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