Travelling with NSPanel

I woke up around 03:30 and found out from the NSPanel screen that it was 10:30 on a sunny day with a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. The joy of the unexpected change in weather was short-lived as the view outside the window was still snowy and wintry. Unexpectedly, my NSPanel changed location and moved to Guangzhou, China. I wish I were moved along with it. I always wanted to take a trip and see the view from the Canton Tower :grin:
Now the question is, what happened? Was it a glitch in the eWeLink platform or a security breach?

Hi Jam3,

Sorry for the inconvenience in this case.

Do you mind sharing your device ID with us so we can investigate your issue? You DM me the info.


Hello Ward,

The device ID is dcdce008-6960-4225-a457-b42cf5abe31e.