Can the S26 R2 (or another device) detect if a device is using power

I have a sump pump that every few years get’s stuck in the on position (usually because the float switch gets caught on something), and so the motor burns out.

It would be helpful if the S26R2 or perhaps another device, had an inching mode that applied to when power is going through the plug, versus from when the plug has simply been turned on.

So this is the scenario:

  1. The S26R2 can be turned on, physically or remotely - and left of for as long as you want.
  2. While an appliance plugged into the outlet is turned off, nothing happens
  3. When someone/something turns the appliance on, so power is now going through the S26R2 to the appliance, the usage-inching counter starts counting down.
  4. If the appliance is turned off before the inching counter completes, everything resets until the appliance is next turned on.
  5. This can happen many many times, over an extended period.
  6. In the case the appliance isn’t turned off before the inching counter expires, the plug itself will be switched off.

So for my use case, I would plug the sump pump into an S26R2 which is always in the on state. In normal operation the pump would come on as normal every few days, for about 30 seconds, then the pump would automatically turn off. However, every few years when the pump doesn’t shut-off automatically after say 40 seconds, the switch would turn itself off and save the pump from burning out. Once it was noticed the pump wasn’t working, it would be attended to, then the everything would be reset and start again.

I don’t know of another way to solve this use case, other than being able to detect power going through the S26R2, and it being able to be turned off after a set amount of time.

I wonder if this would be useful for multiple other use cases.

Thanks, Shane!


Lots of devices have power monitoring and inch feature like SONOFF POWER series DIY kits and NEW S40 outlets, i thinks maybe you should try this, in normal, set a inch to the device to turn the pump off automatically, let’s say 30 seconds, and set a power monitoring OPS(Overload Protection System) to turn the pump off when it exceed the POWER consumption in 30 seconds, some calculate should be make for setup.
About OPS feature, here we made a video for you reference eWeLink app feature: Overload Protection System settings #smarthome #shorts - YouTube

Does power monitoring OPS function has a timer?