Can I share control of Auto Mode for a thermostat?

Just got a new controller working for my millivolt Gas Stove, eWeLink auto control is perfect for remote control of the temperature in my cabin in Vermont. I tried sharing control with my wife via her account and eWelink app both on iPhone 14.

The issue is that she can not seem to control the fireplace because I have it set to auto mode from my iPhone/app…

Is there a way she can still have control of the fireplace and over-ride the temperatures I selected for auto Mode?

Under the Auto mode, the device will automatically on or off according to the real-time temp/hum, no manual control is required. May I know why you need your wife to turn the device on/off now that you have Auto mode enabled?

Good morning Erin,

Thanks for the quick reply… The only thing she needs to be able to do is adjust the high and low temp in Auto mode, this would be if I am not available and she is at the cottage and I have it too hot or cold for her comfort. That way if she could adjust the Auto Mode Settings, she could be comfortable without calling me to change it…

Thanks again

Can’t auto mode keep the cabin temperature constant? Since the priority of the main account is higher than the sharing account, your wife may not adjust the auto mode.

Thats a bummer. No it is not good enough to just keep the temp constant, others who use the cabin need to be able to adjust the temperature settings when they arrive (we turn it down when nobody is there). therefore anyone we share control with needs to be able to adjust the auto mode high and low temps… Please add this as a feature request… It should work just like having a old fashioned thermostat on the wall where whomever is there can adjust the room temperature… Please add this as a feature… Thanks for considering.

Would it be better to turn off the auto mode if you want to adjust the temperature at any time?

No, not better. That would require someone to turn it on and off manually to warm the cabin. Auto mode makes it so easy to control the temperature in the cabin between 72 and 74 (which is my comfort zone), when we leave we’d set it for 55-58, then if my wife came back without me, she would want to set it to her favorite temps, lets say 73 to 75.

Let’s see if it can be improved. :face_with_monocle:

:+1::sunglasses: Thanks