Inability to have more than one admin or for members to at least control auto scenes

Dear EWelink team. A house has usually more than one family members. At the time I am writing this, if the need to disable a auto scenes arises my wife has to call me because I am the admin. Both of us are paying for the subscription and even like this we don’t have access to such a basic function. This is a big flaw of the admin/members system implementation.
Why is it impossible to give rights to family members? Is it that difficult? I don’t think so.
If this isn’t solved in the near future I will give up EWelink and Sonoff for good.

Not me. :slight_smile:

If it’s that simple, create your own application…

I doubt there are plans to do something like this in the near future. So you can slowly give up.

I’m speculating that you’re talking about the eWeLink app?

Make a little effort…

For your wife and others, you can give access to CAST web or Android/ios applications.

Create manual ON and OFF scenes for the automatic scenes that your wife is to manage and add them to the cast.

Now up to five people can control automatic scenes.

Create two manual scenes per automatic scene. Manual scenes are supposed to be ON and OFF buttons for selected automatic scenes.



If, instead of separate scene control, you need to have one large function for many automatic scenes, add more of them in the manual scene options.

Your wife does not have to pay for ewelink, you only need one VIP account.

Hello there,
same problem for me…

Me and my boss use lots of sonoff products in various job sites but we got the problem that I can do all the wiring and most of the work done but Need him to pair the modules or do some changes in the setting for the ones that are already installed.

Is that possibile that in future you Will give us the possibility to share admin rights to members?

Thank you in advance,