How to change member to admin?

I already invice a home member. but it can not add a scene. it need a admin only can make scene.
So how can i add a member to a admin?

Hi pixelworld,
only owners can manage scenes, in your case, only you can do that.
Invited members (home members) can only run scenes.
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Hi. Yes. I need to share control to 20 person. And I world like to let them make a scenes it own.
So any solution I can share it? Because I have 20 member and 100 device control light.

Single biggest problem with Ewelink. When I leave the country my wife don’t have admin rights. So she is stuck when I am not home. I Should not of bought so many sonoff devices! It is suppose to be a smart HOME. And a home is occupied by a family, not only one person.

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Yes. U are right. Admin is a smart. But other like stupid. Many ting can not be done. Need 1 by 1 to click. Not smart.

Hay una manera de superar este obstáculo. Crear una cuenta exclusiva para ese hogar y compartir la clave de acceso con los otros miembros del hogar. Por ahora no veo otra.

no funciona porque cuando inicias sesion en un dispositivo, se cierra sesion en el otro