Camera model GK-200MP2-B updated firmware

Hi ,
May I get your support finding the link for the latest firmware for my Camera model GK-200MP2-B

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Hey there, may I know the version number of your current firmware? Could you take a screenshot to show me your current firmware? Thank you

Hi Peter,

Kindly find attached screenshot of my current firmware

Appreciate your support .



It tells you that you have the latest version already… :person_shrugging:t4:

Hi there, on the Device Settings page, please double check the FW Name of your camera. If it’s GK-200MP2B/GK-200MP2C, then their latest firmware version is 41220220712. If the FW Name is GK-200MP2-B, its latest version is 41220220811. From the screenshot, I noticed that you already get the latest version of the firmware. I suppose that your camera FW Name might not be GK-200MP2-B.

Let us know if you have any other questions. We’re always glad to be here to help:)

Hi, Firstly I’d like to point out something that I think Sonoff need to be aware of, that is the confusion regarding what model numbers of their cameras. Just adding - in the new model number makes it very confusing for the end user’s about what model they actually have. Why not make it a completely different model number so there’s no confusion… ?

My second point is why they can’t update the firmware so the older models can be cloud based as well? I had purchased a number of Sonoff GK-200MP2B cameras and hadn’t even installed 4 of them and they released the new models. So I now have cameras that are new in the box but not suitable to work with all the functions available on ewelink…


Hi there, the old models of the GK series camera have so limited hardware capacities that they don’t allow us to add features like cloud storage.

For the problem of the same model name for two different versions of the camera, we have brought it to the Sonoff team.

I have 2 cameras I haven’t set up yet. On the box it says they are GK-200MP2-B models.
How do I know if they are cloud storage versions or not? I want to return them if they aren’t because they shouldn’t have sold them to me if they were not the lastest models…

Hi there, did you see any words like “Cloud Storage” in the box? If so, it indicates that the model you bought can support the cloud storage feature. Btw, did you purchase the cameras directly from Sonoff official store? If you have any other confusion with the package and model, please feel free to contact Sonoff team.

Yes i did purchase them from itead site and there was no option for cloud or non cloud.

I bought 2 GK-200MP2-B cameras but it’s GK-200MP2C actually in the firmware model.

Hi Peter,
I bought another 2 GK-200BF6D cameras, may I get your finding for the latest firmware ?
Since I found it didn’t show the latest version and I press the “right” version it said it will update firmware,but after the camera reboot,nothing happen …

I confirm, the same problem and the same behavior. The camera stopped sending the RTSP stream

dgjtye, actually you already got the latest firmware version. 41120220811 is the latest version of firmware. There is an issue of showing the versions. That’s why you failed to got 24720191104 which is a much older firmware.

Hi Ted, you didn’t find the “Service” button right? If so, unfortunately, that means your camera couldn’t support cloud storage:(

Hi there, is the device in LAN mode?


Hi there, thanks for the info. Could you install this player to try if you can view the streaming on it?

By the way, please kindly PM me with your camera IP address and the computer IP address. Thank you.

2023/01/31 16:17:24 Exit: rtsp://rtsp:12345678@, Error:-10057 …

2023/01/31 16:17:25 Connecting: rtsp://rtsp:12345678@ …

2023/01/31 16:17:26 Error: rtsp://rtsp:12345678@Јє EasyRTSP_GetErrCodeЈє-10057 :Failed to get RTSP OPTIONS: Connection to server failed: Подключение не установлено, т.к. конечный компьютер отверг запрос на подключение

Ip camera pc

I tried to reset and reconnect the camera. She suggested default settings for RTSP but that didn’t help either. Before that, I tried to watch the stream through the VLC player, but now it also does not work

Thank you so much for the details. Locating this issue with Sonoff team and will get back to you later.

there is a way to downgrade the firmware version of the camera, until January I have everything working and I was pleased with this camera

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