Camera model GK-200MP2-B updated firmware

Did you downgrade the firmware successfully? How do you downgrade it? We actually are discussing with Sonoff to see if they can release the older firmware for you guys to downgrade. But as far as I know, the older version of firmware isn’t available at this point.

I don’t know how to do this, I’m asking you as an expert. because the update broke my camera. I have a Xiaomi camera, where the firmware is written to the SD card in the root directory. The flash drive is inserted into the camera and rebooting it forcibly installs the firmware from the memory card. Accordingly, there you can return the camera to work in a few simple manipulations. In the cases with Sonoff, I was left without a camera for more than a month, and this will not affect either the rating of the arbitrator or the trust in the product, since the official update broke the camera.

It’s a pity, but I come to the conclusion that ITEAD is a supplier of products for ESPHome and TASMOTA

It’s a pity that this is not yet relevant with cameras :frowning:

Could you have a look at the camera’s device ID and its FW Name on Device Setting page and send the screenshot to me in PM?

Hi! I am in the same situation. I have updated the camera to latest firmware and now I cant access the RTSP stream through external programs. There isnt even open ports or services in the camera right now in my local LAN.

Are there any fix or way to rollback to a working version?

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Today, my problem was solved through the support service of the ewelink application

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