GK-200MP2 unable to upgrade Firmware

I have bought two of these cameras. I battled to get the first one to upgrade its firmware, the second one fails every time - I tried dozens of times. Currently it runs 41220220712 as received from the factory. This version is not reading the 128GB SD Card. I have tried firmware updates on 2 different WiFi networks as well as LAN. My fortigate firewall forward traffic shows all traffic is allowed.

I tried updates with the SD card inserted and removed.
There does not seem to be a way to update this device. Please advise.

GK-200MP2B (fw name: GK-200MP2C) currently run version 41220220712 and show last version is 50420230103,but after you press to update the firmware, it just reboot and nothing changed.

While GK-200MP2-B(fw name: GK-200MP2D) & S-CAM upgraded firmware successfully to version 50520230320.

Hello guys, please kindly note that actually, the latest firmware for GK-200MP2C and GK-200MP2B is 41220220712. With that being said, you don’t need to update the firmware. You saw a new version notice as there is a mistake in deploying the firmware. 50520230320 is the new version for GK-200MP2-B and Cam Slim.

We apologize for the mistake. Please ignore it and don’t upgrade it if your camera model is GK-200MP2C or GK-200MP2B.

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I don’t agree with you.

I have a 200MP2B and 2C. The 2B has ver 5 firmware which it managed to download itself.

Ver 4 firmware does not support 127GB SD.

Ver 5 firmware does support it.

So until you fix your firmware downloading problem I am stuck unable to ship 2C cameras to customers.

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It probably doesn’t depend on the software, you need to format the SD in FAT32 (using standard OS means or some third-party program), because the camera does not recognize other formats

My camera is GK-200MP2-B and after the update I’m having trouble viewing the ewelink app and some other functions. I know the camera works, because the rtsp link is working on my NVR.

What stopped working:

  • image preview
  • camera movement (ptz)
  • rtsp configuration
  • image rotation
  • motion detection
  • microphone and speaker volume setting.

I already opened a support, but so far nothing…

Hi there, please reset the camera. It should work again after resetting.

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It worked. I was afraid of doing the reset and not being able to do the pairing. After the reset, I did the pairing, but it stuck again, I turned it off and it worked again.

thank you very much.

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