Bug in the operation of the EweLink software

Hello. I discovered the following bug in the operation of the EweLink software. EweLink Web version 3.1 has created a manual scene, the activation of which causes the state of one of the channels of a four-channel device to switch. There is also an automatic scene that sends a webhook when this channel is switched. The bug is as follows:

  1. When switching the channel directly on the device manually or switching the channel through a mobile application, a webhook is sent.
  2. When switching the channel with a manual scene, the device is triggered and the channel is switched, but the webhook is not sent.
    Conclusion: If the device channel switch is caused by another scene, the automatic scene that should send a webhook when the channel switches does not fire.
    Recreate the situation and make sure that this malfunction exists.

Scene can not trigger scene to prevent unexpected loops.