Bricked my NSpanel Pro?

I think I may have destroyed my NSPanel Pro while trying to install Homeassistant :X… My device only starts in factory mode where only Chinese characters are displayed. With Google Lens, I was able to translate it and at least restart the EWELink app on the device. However, the device no longer receives a QR code to add it to the app on my phone.
When I try to reset the device with the 5 reboots, as described by Blakadder, it does not start a factory reset but goes to the Android recovery menu where I can navigate with the button on the PCB, but cannot select anything (a power button is needed for this). Does anyone have any ideas?

Hello, please how did you solve it?? i geting now same screen, cannot connect to ADB, so finally its bricked???

click on the desired item (mount/system) with the reset button and keep the reset button pressed for about 10 seconds.

The same happended to me. How can I fix It? Thank you

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Same issue here, stuck on the Chinese characters, unable to re-connect ewe link whatsoever, how do we get out of here ?

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hi, please let me know the chipid of you NSPanelPro, or just send a picture , and let me know your ewelink account, you can send a message by click on my profile pic.

Hi Teki,

Thanks for the feedback. Not sure to see how to message you in private, but here is my chip ID : f28e4ccd5ab8c852

Thanks in advance for your help !

hi, seems you root the device manually, in this case we’d suggest you to contact SONOFF support Support - SONOFF Official

Hi I have similar issue but I’m getting this after reset

Can someone help?

Try this:

Emergency Recovery

Sonoff NSPanel Pro has a protection mechanism that will boot the firmware from a recovery partition in case of a firmware update failure. If you messed up something big time you can trigger this emergency recovery and factory reset everything with the following procedure:

Power on the device and wait until the Sonoff logo boot animation starts playing then power it off. Power it on again and repeat the process 5 times. After that the panel will boot into “Update Firmware Protect Mechanism” and factory reset everything to the version stored in the recovery partition. ​

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That is exactly what i have done as per my original post. It doesn’t work

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I have the same issue. I have no idea what to do.

Could you please check if you can help me? Id: 1001e376d9
Thank you

hi Teki,
i have the same chinese testscreen. My nspanel pro is a few days old…

i have chipd ef5e647cb06bb6bc

i use email
deleted the account and tried another

Thanks for your help in advantage
ps i also tried the 5 times restart, it did execute a system update but still the same screen afterwards

hi, seems your NSPanel Pro has been root, in this case please contact SONOFF support.

Hello, has anybody solved the problem?

I also had ADB access blocked, but after several attempts, probably after four restarts during the animated logo, I managed to force the system to reinstall. At the end of the reinstallation, you need to check whether the panel is connected and immediately install a small launcher. It may be helpful to turn on your computer’s sound so you can hear when the device appears. Afterward, install the latest firmware. :wink: , my firmware was 1.7.0

The problem is that the “Emergency recovery backup” is the version before activation with some software at the factory (which would give it the ID) therefore the QRcode for pairing to the eWelink software is not completed (I guess that code should include the ID) and it is not readable.

Resetting again with the same emergency recovery will come back in cycles to the same place

I would like to understand this part: The option in the eWelink software (clicking 7 times on the deviceID) does a rooting or just enables adb?

when you say

seems you root the device manually

is that what you are meaning, using the option from the eWelink software? or just when it is done directly on the panel installing another launcher?

I ask this since I have a Panel in this situation and somehow I “accept” my responsability of having rooted it, then I bought a second panel (you know, My wife wanted the garden lights working again…) and don’t want to root it or get rid of ewelink support there, so I would like to know what would happen if I click 7 times on the ID in the eWelink software

Hi, yes, when you click 7 times and then click the “accept” button to accept the terms of enabling adb, the device is rooted and there is a record of it on the server.