Automatic scenes fail

I experienced a strange behaviour of automatic scenes yesterday. One scene which switches the heating off if the temperature is higher than or equal to 16.6 degrees is logged as failed but the reality is that the heating was switched off so the scene must have worked well. On the other hand, the scene which switches the heating on if the temperature is less than or equal to 16.5 degrees is neither triggered nor logged at all from time to time. In the screenshot, the 16.5 scene was triggered automatically at 17:40:29, but I had to disable and enable it manually again at 22:18:02 because it was not triggered automatically. Thus the logs are misleading and trigerring of scenes is unreliable. What do you recommend to do to get the scenes working as expected, please?

@Erin please help to locate the issue.

May I know the ID of the device being added to the action?

Temperature/humidity sensor ID is a4800047c5f and the heating relay ID is 10016bc948.

The incorrect display of the scene log may be caused by the command timeout; in addition, the scene you mentioned is not executed, could you provide a screenshot of the scene setting?

I don’t understand which scene you mean, please specify the name of the scene you would like to see.

16.6 settings

16.5 settings please.

Here you go.

Please wait a while for us to check this issue further.