Are there any GU10 lamps compatible with ewelink or Zigbee bridge?

I am trying to find some GU10 lamps to work along with Sonoff motion detector. Any ideas?

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I am using IKEA Tradfri with my ZBbridge. Are available in white and RGB.

Thx @dwdube a lot! I will one and tell you if it works for me too

@dwdube I confirm that IKEA Tradfri works in ewelink app (only via ZBbridge). Nevertheless they cannot be grouped, since in the lamps’ settings this feature is missing.

Now i will need to test if i can make them work with the sonoff motion detector (which i guess they will work, but lets see).
Thx for the info though.


My Tradfri is driven by Sonoff Zigbee motion sensor, and working great!

Do you think that will work? GloboStar® 80064 SONOFF PIR3-RF – Smart 433MHZ RF PIR Motion Sensor 6m/110° Detection (

Have tried generic (not Sonoff brand) RF type PIR with limited success. Now using Sonoff zigbee PIR, much more reliable.

Thanks for your post. Nice to hear there are out there that work.

Is there any update to this post i.e. a GU10 that works with eWelink and all features are available - grouping, scenes with multiple options etc.

I’m tired of using Tuya etc for part of, what is my core home automation. That would round it off better.

Suppose you could upgrade fittings to E27 :roll_eyes:

Maybe MATTER is the solution coming up.

I live in SA. No IKEA here.

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GU10 WiFi Smart LED Bulb RGB CW White 5W Dimmable Lamps EWelink APP Control Light Bulb Work With Alexa Google Home Smartthings!USD!16.22!5.11!!!16.22!!%40211bd8be16887918174281367d077a!12000034142379151!sea!CA!4298515415&curPageLogUid=87tmt3f5qN6D

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Does the wifi version have LAN mode?

Not sure to tell, cuz it’s depends on the manufactures, but i think most of them are LAN enabled.
Better to ask the sellers.

Dear all, i have the Sonoff ZBBridge Smart Hub with Zigbee and Wifi connectivity, whilst i bought the Sonoff PIR3-RF motion detector. I keep fail to pair them. Did i made a wrong purchase for the motion detector?

In case where you already own a zigbee bridge the better option is to use a zigbee PIR. A RF based PIR will not pair with a zigbee bridge, you will have to purchase a RF bridge.

Wow, thanks for that!

I have placed an order for them. Let’s see if they arrive and work. :speak_no_evil::tipping_hand_man:t3:

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