Tuya devices that work with Sonoff ZBbridge-P

Are there dimmer switch module on Aliexpress that will work with the ZBbridge-P bridge?
The same question for 2-channel curtain switch module.
Mini switch module 1-channel works.

I’m sorry. ZBbridge-P is designed to only support SONOFF branded devices due to resource constraints, and we cannot guarantee its support for tuya devices

I would love to buy the devices Sonoff. Dimmer or curtain controller. Regards

and this is very, very unpleasant!!! I have a leakage sensor from another company and it worked perfectly on the old version of zbbrebge, and besides, the seller indicated ewelink support. I bought the pro version and the leak sensor refused to load into the bridge. Now I have 2 options. 1 - keep the old bridge constantly on for the sake of one sensor, 2 - throw out the sensor and buy a new one. and both options do not suit me!!! Considering that I have a lot of two-channel zb rf relays from Aubess, I recently bought zb light bulbs from other manufacturers, which fortunately work. I also bought and use zb signal repeaters. But where is the guarantee that you will not remove support from third-party manufacturers in the new firmware??? this is very scary!!! All the products I buy indicate ewelink support!!! if your company exclusively supports sonoff, then demand an expansion of their products because a lot of things are missing!!!

I ordered a presence sensor SNZB-06P. I’m missing a dimmer switch module and curtain switch module in the zigbee version.
I am curious whether the adjustment of detection distance, response time and other settings is available from the Ewelink application?

ZBbridge-P supports many non-Sonoff-branded ewelink support products. It just doesn’t promise compatible support for “power by tuya” products.

At present, some tuya products can be directly connected to ZBBridge-P, and we will not deliberately target or remove them, so some sellers will mark “eWeLink support” on their tuya products - this kind of product may have the problem you encountered: It is supported on some versions of gateways and firmware, but may have compatibility issues on others. It is recommended that you communicate with the seller - purchase the authentic “eWeLink support” product.

At least so far, we haven’t released any official leak sensor solution, so if the leak sensor solution with eWeLink support is identified, it is 100% fake at present. The official leak sensor product of eWeLink support will be released in 2-3 months.

I bought the ZBbridge-P with this intention but no tuya device worked with it. My intention was only controll zigbee devices by voice using Google Assistant and until now I need to use the NodeRed to do that.

I have multiple devices connected to ZBBridge-Pro. Motion, opening, presence and temperature sensors, buttons. DIY Smart Switches and smart plugs. Everything from Sonoff. Several smart switch 1-ch from aliexpress and LED controller Miboxer . A total of 19 devices connected to the bridge in the Ewelink application. I created a link to Google Home in the application and I control everything with Google Assistant. The only thing missing for the system are curtain controllers and multi-channel ZigBee switches. I know that Sonoff has wifi devices but I wanted to connect everything to ZigBee for the local scene.