LED strip with motion sensor

I am planning to install LED strip (L1) along the stairs with motion sensors (SNZB-03) at the bottom and top of stairs. I already have ZB Bridge-P and the question is if this will work all together - turn on the LEDs when someone is approaching and then turn off if there is no motion.

Indeed, this is possible. Use scenes.

Are you sure? In L1 specification there is stated that it supports SONOFF PIR3-RF ( Small 433MHz RF PIR Motion Sensor) which my ZB Bridge-P doesn’t support. It also says that it support WiFi.

  • Do I need to buy RF BridgeR2 to cover 433MHz and motion sensors using this frequency or it will use WiFi instead?
    If latter, can I use any other Sonoff LED strip supporting WiFi or only L1 support scenes?

Any Sonoff device that supports WiFi can be triggered by other device, provided they are visible in your eWeLink app so you can create a scene for automation. This is done via eWeLink cloud/app/web.

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For SONOFF PIR3-RF you must have a BridgeR2 RF gateway.

If you already have zigbee devices, buy the snzb-03, snzb-03p or SNZB-06P zigbee sensor

Why the SONOFF PIR3-RF when you already have the ZB Bridge-P? Buy a Zigbee motion sensor.

That was my question how LED stripe works. If it can integrate via the WiFi then yeah I can use existing configuration otherwise I was confused because only L1 has motion sensor mentioned in description. Manuals attached on the product page are also not very helpful in this matter. I would expect a section where there is a link or list of possible ideas/available integrations especially for some one who is doing this particular thing for the first time.

Your L1 stripe is a WiFi device. You have a ZB Bridge-P, right? Both devices are WiFi connected. Add a Zigbee motion detector to the bridge. Create scenes for automation. You’ll be all right.

You have to consider that the ZB motion sensor has a cooling time for about 1 min! In that time period the sensor will not detect any motion!