Anonamento profilo avanzato evelink

Slave ho sottoscritto l’bbonamenro risulta pagato ma non mi fA accedere alle finzioni aggiuntive mi ripropone il pagamento e provo a ripagare mi da abbonamento già attivo

If you are able to describe the case in English, I don’t speak Italian and the translator doesn’t make much sense in translating the case.

Good morning, I signed up for the ewelink advanced plan app on November 17th, I paid and activated it, in fact the advanced plan is active in my account until November 17th, 2024.
But unfortunately it doesn't allow me to access the additional functions provided
I'll send you the screen shot of the application page

Another photo

Ok, now I understand exactly that you have a problem with the lack of some functionalities that should be available for the paid plan.

Which specific features are not available for your account?
Describe or include a screenshot showing the problem.

All functions are not available
I continue to have the functions of the free version

In that case, I recommend creating a ticket in English and reporting this matter to support, because this is the only way it can be corrected.

Launch the app and go to Profile / Help & Feedback / Feedback / Submit Feedback

Enter the necessary data…