Advanced Plan (Paypal) Payment Failure

Hi, i would like to upgrade to advanced plan. In my country there is no Paypal service as you know.
It seems for many years Ewelink did not solve the problem. I use android tablet. And also want to use my windows laptop web browser.
What do you reccommend? Is there a solution or should i sell all my sonoff products and buy another brand without ewelink?

I subscribed the plan paying by Apple pay in the app´╝îGoogle pay is available for the Android version far as i know.

Apple Pay needs ios. I have android in my tablet. I tried but did not see any other option. Thanks

Hi there, are you downloaded the eWeLink app on the tablet from the Google Play Store? If so, you can purchase the Advanced Plan via Google Pay.
If your eWeLink app on the tablet is not from Google Play Store, I suggest you remove this app and re-download it.