How do I cancel Advance Plan Auto Renewal

How do I cancel the automatic renewal of the advance plan ? I cannot find any way to stop it, even in PayPal. I do not want to renew it.

Hi, you can go to the App Store (ios) or Google Play (Android) to stop the renewal.

I have been to the App Store but that does not show how to cancel, I cannot see any subscription just how to download the App. Even on my account there is no renewal information.

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Maybe you don’t have it turned on?

Did you finally figureout how to cancel the advanced Plan?
I’m in the same situation, I got only renewal emails but no way to stop de subscription.

This should rather be a question about Google/Apple through which these fees are paid. eWeLink will terminate the plan if it does not receive $ and that’s it, so it’s not a matter of cancellation on ewelink’s side, but on the side of the company through which these payments are made.