Advanced plan not activated after purchase

I have made the yearly advanced plan subscription, also received the purchase confirmation email from apple and, yet the plan us not active.
Please advise.

Hi there, to confirm if your account is on the Advanced Plan, open the eWeLink app, go to the “Profile” section, and you’ll notice the ‘advanced’ badge above your account. Have you encountered any problems when using exclusive features like eWeLInk WEB? If possible please provide more screenshots :grinning:

Hello, yes the “advanced plan” badge id present, but i cannot use the exclusive features neither on mobile app or web app

Without an active plan you cannot log in to ewelink web. If you can log in, it means that you have the plan running to some extent. Alternatively, if something doesn’t work inside, it’s probably a problem on the cloud side… These things are usually not an integral part of the ewelink application, access is provided in a different way.

The things you have marked are available at these addresses: