3.0.0 for NSPanel Pro has been quietly released

Quietly, version 3.0.0 for NSPanel Pro has been released. It brings a lot of changes, but also spoils this and that. Mr. Rubik, the cube guy, is probably delighted that his name was used to name the new interface. Does he know about it? :grin:
As with iHost, testing was lacking. Now the digging will probably take place. Because in the new interface, some widgets do not fit and are truncated (as in the attached photo). Editing “Select a Widget” does not work smoothly. You can get stuck because you can’t go back or forward. You have to add anything, save and then delete and start over. Rubik’s interface has potential, but - as mostly - it’s it is not fine-tuned.

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The forum is quiet about Nspanel Pro. It’s good that at least on Facebook they gave information about the release of version 3.0 on March 18th.

It is exactly as you wrote. There are a lot of bugs. The widgets are not well-developed. The problems with Matter devices have not been solved.

That’s why I consider my decision to switch to HA to be extremely wise and justified :zzz:

Any comments from eWeLink?

The only benefit provided by NSPanelPro is that it fills the void where an old, now-redundant, thermostat used to be. It looks more modern but is never touched - this helps to prevent disappointment.

Photo of the old but still working, without bugs, thermostat appended for posterity. Ps - I’m selling the old one if anyone is interested :wink:

The only comment should be to admit this is a device in a very beta state and quite far from being stable

But the new screensaver is awesome :laughing:

Thank you for the feedback.

The widgets do not fit - we’re fixing the bug.

Editing does not work smoothly - when you select a widget, you can go back by clicking on ‘cancel’

and you can click the " - "to remove the widget, we’ll make the button larger in next update for easier click.

and there was a bug when you select “weather” you can’t go back to “weather & time”, this is fixed on iOS version and will be released soon.

Thanks for the info.
The app’s navigation definitely needs to be reinvented, as it is not the pinnacle of programming from an ergonomic and logical point of view.
If you allow me, I have a few more observations and comments.

  • Why is setting the screensaver only available on the panel screen and this option is missing from the app?
  • Why does selecting the classic home screen mean that the new tile scheme (Rubik) cannot be applied?
  • Can the home screen eventually show readings from more than one external sensor, and can these readings be better displayed (larger font)?
  • Can the problem of updating weather data on the home screen be solved once and for all? Because the problem of holding old data is back again.
  • Proximity sensor and automatic screen brightness adjustment work poorly or not at all. At night, the screen glows like a neon sign, despite the automation on. You have to go into manual mode, turn down the brightness and turn on the automation for it to work reasonably.
  • Do NSPanel Pro’s hardware resources allow you to add support for Zigbee devices outside the Sonoff offering, via add-on as in iHost?

Since my iHost has gone into other hands and I have switched to RPI with HA I am curious if eWeLink has plans to develop HA integration for NSPanel Pro. I know it is not in your interest, but nevertheless some elegant solution would be desirable. Not all devices I want or can transfer to HA. Due to the closed nature of the NSPanel Pro software, the available community integrations are insufficient.

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  • Considering that the screen saver function is related to the physical device and the corresponding effect needs to be seen on the screen, it is only operated on the panel.

  • The classic home screen is to be compatible with the theme status of versions before 3.0. In the future, we will consider allowing the tiling scheme in the classic home screen.

  • The main reason is that multiple external temperature sensors are difficult to display on a small screen.

  • We’ll try to reproduce it here to see if this problem still exists.

  • Theoretically, these problems should not occur. Please submit the device logs and we’ll check.

  • Currently, adding via addon is not supported. Currently, NSPanel Pro supports adding standard Zigbee 3.0 devices.

  • We will not develop HA integration, but we provide open API for developers.

@Teki, many thanks for your reply. Here is my comment:

  • Screen saver function is related to the physical device the same way as other interface elements, they are software, and all require compatibility with the LCD screen driver. The display of the screen saver is not done outside the operating system layer. Your explanation is therefore unconvincing.
  • I am not convinced either. As usual, something will be in the future. Or there won’t be. I think that you haven’t thought that someone might be comfortable with the existing home screen.
  • Everything is difficult to fit on a small screen. Across the NSPanel Pro screen there is a lot of unused space. You have failed to make the characters bigger. The solution could be simple: scrolling readings or sequential presentation.
  • Of course, please check.
  • Submitted.
  • All in all, it is not clear which Zigbee 3.0 devices NSPanel Pro supports, because there is no list. At least I have not encountered one. “Zigbee 3.0 standard” is a very broad term. And no, NSPanel does not support all those compatible with it. Some it does not recognise at all. So it’s hard to say whether it goes into the “interview” phase at all. No messages are displayed.
  • It’s about time this was done. Interest in NSPanel Pro in the HA community is high, as evidenced by various projects like “Home-Assistant on the NSPanel Pro”. For the time being, it is the case that more and better succeeds with alternative software. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to join forces and not insist on a “we do as we can” model.

@teki, Good morning!

I would like clarification on the operation of the NS Panel Pro device. I recently acquired the device, which is in version 3.0.0. My concern is regarding its operation in LAN mode. When the environment lacks an internet connection, I am unable to trigger scenes using the NS Panel Pro. I would like to better understand if the LAN function only operates from the Ewelink app to the device.

Given that the NS Panel device is proposed as a hub for triggering and controlling all devices, my intention is to use the NS Panel Pro to control devices locally when they are disconnected from the internet.