1ch relay help

I have the 1ch relay setup on my mighty mule gate opener. When I click the button the gate opens. But it appears that the switch stays “on”. I have to wait for it to complete the cycle, then press the button in the app again. This does not cycle the gate it only change the look of the button in the app and I hear the relay toggle. Is there a way to make the single button push cycle the relay on and then back off?

Yes, using INCHING: the switch pulses for the specified time, then turns off…

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Is there instructions or a guide on that?

In the app, select the switch, then in the upper right corner there is a menu of three dots, and below that are the automatic actions, where you can set the timing in half-second increments.

This way the switch will be in pulse mode, it will always run when you turn it on…

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Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing! That did exactly what i needed. The terminology was not what i was expecting when i was looking at the settings. Thanks again!