Gate auto close

Hi! I would like to set a Scene for my garage door. I have dw2-wifi to detect the state of the door and a sonoff switch for the command. I would like to setup a Scene where if the dw detects that the door is open for 20 minutes then give the switch the command to automatically close the door. I have tried with these scenes with no luck.

Hi there! Maybe I do not understand your challenge properly, but if you want to make sure every 20 minutes the door is closed, just set a loop timer on the switch for 20 minutes. If the door is open it will close - if it is already closed it won’t do anything. What device are you using to control the door? You should have a look at the Sonoff SV devices - like the Gate / Garage Smart Switch. You could then probably set up a scene like this:
garage door open
delay 20 minutes
close door

So, if you forget to close the door manually, the scene will do it for you after 20 minutes. I hope this helps, Regards

Hi, the door is a double swing gate and opens also with 433mhz remotes. When I set it this way, every time the door opens, either by 433mhz or sonoff switch after 20min it will circle the command and if the door has closed with the 433mhz (before the 15 min delaytimer) then it will open again.
I found online that with smart things you can do exactly what I wanted, but it’s a pity ewelink does not support such function!

Ah OK I understand. I have the same set-up, but my gate motor came with an automatic close function already installed which is set at 1 minute :slight_smile:

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What is the devise you are using? Does it support 433mhz too? Or is there one? Thank you!

I use the Sonoff 433MHz RF Bridge to integrate between RF devices like movement sensors and my smartswitch ecosystem.
For example, I have a gate that is controlled with smartswitch, and wanted to give a Sonoff 433MHz remote to my worker to open and close the gate during certain hours of the day. So I set up a scene to allow button A on the remote to trigger the switch during effective period. And of course, a notification is pushed to my mobile as well.

My gate circuit has a function auto close and I install sensors to avoid auto close when something block sensor by myself. So I set 10 secs after I leave the gate will close auto. That’s work perfectly for me.

Hi, what’s your gate device model?

Hi there, from my experience, the scenes you described seem to be configured correctly, so they should function as expected. I would recommend submitting a support ticket via the in-app “Help & Feedback” and making sure to select the option for “uploading corresponding information.”

Our support team can then review your exact device settings, scene configurations, and any logs that may help uncover why it’s not triggering properly.