Zigbee bridge pro subdevices in iHost zigbee map

Hello, would be great to have the ZB bridge p available in the iHost zigbee map with its enrolled subdevices.
This feature will be very useful to check the signal strength of each devices and also the main bridge.
Is this feature actually planned for the future updates?


It will be nice when the Paral-sync goes from iHost to NSPP and NSPP to iHost: then it won’t be necessary for anyone to have two Zigbee networks. Suspect they’re working on making the paral-sync bidirectional rather than making the Zigbee map dual network.

This function is not possible. Due to the limited resources and capabilities of ZBBridge, it cannot perform network analysis on the devices accessing ZBBridge, so ihost is definitely unable to show this part of content.

Could you off load some of the work onto the iHost? I ask because I know Zigbee2MQTT can work with Zigbee Hubs as-well as Zigbee dongles and has a nice map, whilst my guess is there is already an MQTT broker in the iHost because when I set mosquito up the standard port was taken.

Sorry, we can’t do that.

Many thanks for the clarifications. Ciao

Why can you not do that? If Zigbee2MQTT can do it with much weaker hardware than the ZBP then why can you not?

Because they’re totally different.

Whether it is zigbee dongle or ZBBridge pro with tasmota, they will become a transceiver that only handles wireless network traffic but does not need to handle any hub logic - All system logic runs on the SBC or PC that zigbee2mqtt runs on, these CPU are much more powerful than ZBbridge.

But the ZBBridge with ewelink firmware, it need to connect to cloud and handle all system logic itslef , it’s full function zigbee hub. Even without any peripheral SBC, it lets you use apps and voice on its own. In contrast, if you take away the SBC or PC where zigbee2mqtt is located, just use dongle or ZBBridge with tasmota firmware independently, can they still provide you with full hub funtions?

But what is stopping you having a normal and a “dumb” mode on the bridges? I bet there are loads of people with bridges in drawers that have upgraded to an iHost or NS Panel Pro or been put off upgrading because it would make their current device pointless. I myself have an old Zigbee bridge that I keep meaning to put tasmota router firmware on but never get round to it (and my Zigbee networks are already quite strong). The non-pro is old and cheap, but the ZB Pro is current and less cheap- I think people would like to use it still after upgrading. The other thing you could do is have it be a “Full Thread Device”. I think it has a silicon labs chip in it onto which thread could be put. Maybe it could communicate with the iHost/NSPP so they could control it and be Thread Border Routers via it. At least then it would still be of some use.

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If you think this is a “dumb” mode, I can only say that it is because of your bias.

Most of the users are ordinary consumers - even housewives and the elderly, they do not know what Zigbee2mqtt is, they will not use the Home assistant or RPI. For them, they just need a cheap hub that they can use directly through the eWeLink app or Alexa/google home, they don’t have a lot of devices at home, and they may even have one or two zigbee sensors for all their zigbee devices, just to receive messages on their phones or speaker.

We are not familiar with Thread, and this is beyond our current capabilities, so you will not see us doing anything on Thread in the short term. If you think the Thread or tasmota way is good, go ahead, we’re not stopping everyone from doing so - we are also willing to provide any assistance we can if you have any issue. You can continue to flash all your hardware into the firmware you like and build the own system you like.

No, you misunderstand. I only mentioned Zigbee2MQTT to show the hardware could do it. If the Zigbee Bridge Pro could only communicate with the iHost or NSPP there would be no need for either Zigbee2MQTT or Home Assistant. Just your housewives and elderly could upgrade from the Zigbee Bridges and continue to use them by turning on the “dumb” mode. At present only people who can flash tasmota firmware are fine, not those people.

And the main thing stopping me is that I’ve lost the USB flasher device in the basement somewhere and need to have a search for it. In contrast you can update the firmware over the air, but I am just limited by losing a small device. The elderly etc. are mostly stuffed. It is for them and the environment you may wish to allow easy reuse of upgraded e-waste. But for people like me it makes zero difference (other than a bit of hassle).

Open-Thread is quite like Zigbee and can use many of the same radios. I already have it running in dual mode (Zigbee and Thread) on the Sonoff Zigbee USB Dongle E. You just download the firmware from the the Silicon Labs website and web-flash it via USB. Dual Zigbee and Thread requires silicon lab’s dual protocol software but just thread or just Zigbee is just hardware.

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