ZBMicro update

@ward Forumers mention the firmware version 1.0.5 for the ZBMicro. Interesting, as neither the eWeLink app nor the eWeLink Web shows this update. Is it official?

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It is less talkative now with the new firmware. The update was deployed on our server. But there might be delay in different regions.

Have you received it today?

No, I haven’t. There is no rush. I just got curious.


If you still have trouble receiving the updates later this week, let me know!

OK, I will. Thanx.

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Still no joy :frowning:

Let me get SONOFF on this during working hours.

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Hi, jam3.
Try to update the eWelink app to the latest version 5.7.0, and you will receive the updated hint in the ZBMicro.

@ward Finally, the update is visible on eWeLink Web.

Unfortunately, when you run it, after quite a long time it ends with a failure message. In the phone app, the update does not exist. This ZBMicro is connected to NSPanel Pro.

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hey, I am having our team on this case.

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@jam3 1.0.5 was deployed earlier today (UTC+8), according to our dev; if you still haven’t seen an update within the eWeLink app, please submit a log in the app.

Thx for your patience as always.

The ewelink website shows ZBMicro updates. There is no update in the ewelink application.

restarting nspanel pro showed updates in the ewelink application

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Indeed, a reboot of NSPanel Pro pulled the update offer in the app. In eWeLink Web, every attempt to update ended with a failure message just as before with TRVZB. This definitely needs to be looked into and corrected.

Exactly . The problem should be investigated.
Nspanel pro does not update information very often.