ZBBrige-P controlling 3 SNZB-03P

Good evening, I have a ZBBrige-P controlling 3 SNZB-03P and I would like to create a scene on ewelink for when one of the devices detects the moment, only when AWAY MODE is activated.

I created a scene, but it is running every time it detects motion, even with AWAY MODE turned off.

How to resolve this?

I want to use it as an alarm where the scene should only play when I ACTIVATE AWAY MODE.

Thank you very much

Adriano Bueno.:.

Show the scene exactly so that the trigger and action are visible…

And where do you set “AWAY MODE”?


1- Movement (SNZB-03P)
2- Socket (Sonoff MINI)
3- Unarmed / Armed (ZBBrige-P)


If device 1 detects movement, turn on device 2 only if device 3 is in armed mode