Working siren for home alarm..?

Hi everyone!
First of all, I apologize if I make any language mistakes, but English is not my first language. I have been looking for a ZigBee siren compatible with my NS Panel Pro for some time, to date I have not found any working siren. So I’m here to propose it! What do you think about introducing compatibility with the most famous ZigBee siren models? I’ve tried some indoors and others outdoors and to date I can’t find any compatibility.
I hope it can be a useful and valid idea, I wish you a good day, see you again soon!



Do you mean NSPanel Pro? As NSPanel should merely be a wall-mounted screen to control devices under your eWeLink account it doesn’t have a built-in zb coordinator.

Correct, I mean Pro version


Sadly, there has yet to be any compatible Zigbee siren for NSPanel Pro as far as I know.

There might be some workaround though like running automation on other platforms (Alexa/google/apple) and you can get one compatible with them

I used a simple and SMALL 230V → 12V power supply that I managed to pack together with the MINI R2 in the siren.
In this way I can trigger MINI R2 that in turn provides 230V supply for that 12V power supply which in turn turns on the siren

  • Power Supply: LED Orno OR-ZL-1629
  • Mini R2
  • Siren SATEL SP-4001 R

Hello Mark,

I am very interested in your idea.
Do have a few questions about it though ?
Is the sound of 120 db from the satel sp 4001 enough to wake up the neighborhood.
Would you please post pictures how the wiring is connected of all the devices.