With loop timer, complicated settings can be executed on your smart devices

With loop timer, complicated settings can be executed on your smart devices

What’s the most popular trigger for a home automation system? Timer should be listed in listing.

The timer set tells the light, thermostats, air pump and other devices to adjust themselves at certain periods during the day. It’s a simple, straightforward way to make your home smarter.

We usually use a simple schedule and timer to get our devices working at a certain time or after a certain period and in many cases these are enough.

But eWeLink app has more to offer!

Loop Timer can help us to finish more complicated time-base automation settings on our smart devices.

Some actions we may want our devices to take:

“I want to turn on my fish feeder every 3 hours.”

If there is only one repeating task (ON or OFF) for your device to do in a short cycle like turning on every 3 hours, please choose " Repeat " as the loop method for your Loop Timer.

“For better pumping air to my fish, I want to turn on my air pump every 2 hours and turn it off after 20 minutes.”

Sometimes, we may want our devices to execute some more complicated actions like having them on for several hours and then turning off, or even making them repeat until we stop the loop.

When there are two tasks that need to be executed for your smart devices, such as turning on every 2 hours and off after 30 minutes, please choose " Alternate " as the loop method.


  • Starting time is always required for both loop methods. Please tap “From” to set a starting time for your loop timer, which is the starting time for your devices to start the loop.
  • Whether you can set loop timer is mainly be subjected to the types of your devices and manufacturers, please refer to the user manual.
  • Each account cannot have more than 8 enabled timers.
  • If you want to enable or disable a certain timer or several timers, please find the “enable” toggle switch inside the timer and tap on it.