Why Home Data (HomeKit) Permission iOS

Why does Ewelink app ask for permission to use or control Home Data (Apple HomeKit) while both apps doesn’t seem that they integrate?

I added my first Sonof B02-B-A60 bulb to Ewelink app but can’t find it on HomeKit app.

Your advice will be much appreciated.


Because eWeLink can support homekit products - although SONOFF does not develop and sell homekit products, one of our Australian customers’ products is eWeLink+homekit. By scanning the homekit QR code on the device, eWeLink is also added to the account.

Hi thanks for the information. I have several ikea (zigbee) bulbs connected to Ikea’s gateway “Dirigera” and ikea’s “Home Smart” app and then all of these devices are linked to HomeKit and Google home.

Can i do the same with Ewelink? To have the bulbs on Ewelink available on HomeKit and the bulbs on HomeKit (or originally on Ikea’s Home Smart app) on Ewelink?

You can add ewelink devices trough Home Assistant open source server. Basicaly you deploy a local Home Assistance server or contract a cloud version. Configure Sonoff LAN and homekit plugins and then you will be able to use eWellink devices on Apple HomeKit.

Haven’t tested yet, cause I am still waiting the delivery of mine, but many chances you can achieve the same on the new Sonoff iHost device. (installing Docker Home Assistant)