When/Does Sonoff launch its Aqara E1 equivalent?

Are there any plans in this direction? :slight_smile:

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How about this direction?
Blind tilt for venetian blinds would be nice too :slight_smile:

Sure, the more devices to choose from, the better… although I need the version with a chain. :slight_smile:

Like this one?

Yeah, like this one for curtains but for blinds.

@Daniel_Zhan worth a look :face_with_peeking_eye:

Looking won’t convert my venetian blinds to curtains :tipping_hand_man:


Something like this, only not for curtains, but for blinds version, i.e. like Aqara E1 and Moes AM43, Tuya RSH-MC11-BAT… And preferably with Wi-Fi. :slight_smile: