What's your most brilliant or silly automation idea?

Here’s a silly one: I’ve set my Bluetooth speaker to play aloud at 11 am every day in my office space - Time to order lunch! Yoho!

That robotic TTS is hilarious though making everyone laugh

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My ensuite toilet is accessed through the bedroom, through the shower room, then into the toilet. This means that going to the toilet required “Alexa turn on bedroom”, “Alexa turn on shower room”, Alexa turn on bathroom" with the reverse set of instructions when finished. I now have an automation called “Alexa Wee time” that turns the bedroom and shower room lights on, green in colour and the bathroom on in a yellow. “Alexa Wee Done” turns them off in exit sequence and resets to normal colours…

nice one haha

I have used the “Alexa” “Flush the toilet” joke on my family for a couple of years now.
Someday I will apply myself to make this happen !