What is the best way to transfer ownership of smart house from one owner to another?


I’m almost done with my first smart house, and I got a question: If I decide to sell the house, I plan to sell it with all installed devices and configuration, but it can be tricky due to several reasons:

  1. all devices are connected to my account
  2. house buyer can be not “advanced in IT”, so how to deal with that?

What is the best way to migrate/update all devices configs? (backup/restore configurations?)

p.s. My draft plan:

  • I sell house with small extra 2.4ghz wifi router (Mikrotik mAP lite), all smart devices configured on its WiFi
  • how to transfer scenes?! unknown…

Maybe changing the eWeLink account is a faster way to transfer all devices to others.

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Yea, we didn’t have a account transfer functional officially, but like Erin said change the email address to the new owner’s of the house and help the new owner change eWeLink login password would be help.

Potentially - yes, but I have advanced plan, that cost money :slight_smile: and that limit options.

Anyway, at least one solution exist. Thanks for pointing on it.

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