Tranfer account of ewelink, howto?

Good morning,
On ewelink, I have three houses programmed with a multitude of sensors in each of them.
I am going to sell only one house and I would like to send the entire house directly to the new owner’s ewelink, including administration rights of course. Is it possible? How should it be done?
I saw that we could share a house but that’s not what I’m worth, I want to transfer everything to the new owner. Thank you all.

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A small UP?

HOME AUTOMATION – House selling process

1.- The buyer has to contract new Internet for the house that will be sold.
2.- Once contracted and with the new router in the house, enter the new router and change the name of the 2.4 GHz wireless network (SSID) and its password, entering the previous SSID and password that the seller must provide.
3.- To enter the new router, the Administrator name and password can be seen on the label attached to the new router.
4.- Follow the manual of the new router for details and make changes to the router configuration as indicated in point 2.
5.- The owner of the new house must download and install the eWelink App on his mobile phone.
6.- The owner of the new house will create a new account on eWelink, using their own email address as a username and with the desired password.
7.- The buyer of the house, within the eWelink App, will enter the SSID and password provided by the seller of the house. From that moment, all the devices in the house will appear in the buyer’s eWelink App.
8.- Finally and to finish, the seller will completely delete the sold house from their eWelink App.

Good morning,
Thanks for the method. But this only works IF I have only one house on my ewelink account.
However, I have 3 houses on my same ewelink account and I only sell one house…
by following your method, the new buyer of the house I am selling will see all the other devices of the two other houses I am keeping!
it would be necessary to be able to dissociate device by device to a new account! It’s still incredible that this very basic system doesn’t exist at ewelink! or maybe I still haven’t found it. Do you have a solution for my specific problem?

Maybe I don’t explain it well. I understand your problem.

Pay attention to point number 6 and 1 of the method that I wrote to you.

The account in point 6 is an absolutely new account different from yours. That account is for the new owner of the house, with the username and password that he wants.

It is not the one you have. It is another new one and when it is created, the new owner WILL NOT SEE any of the other 3 houses. He won’t even see any of the devices.

It is an essential condition for the method that I explained to you to work, that the router in the new house is also new, as is the Internet provider. Those that the new owner wants. (See point 1).

It is also about avoiding having to pair all the devices on the new router one by one. So to see exclusively the devices in the house that the new owner bought, that is when he must enter the SSID and password of the other router. The one you must provide.

And that’s it.


This method is more difficult than resetting devices. For example, I have a home that I have to transfer to the owner, but there are two routers in the house because it is on a large area. In this method I have to force them to transfer to another provider with two routers. This is difficult for us because we have to return the equipment to the old supplier, arrange a meeting with the new one! This is definitely not the method in our country.

Hello everyone,
Thank you for your answers.
For alleadosa:
Yes, I have never done this manipulation and I will have to try it because to reprogram everything, it is not easy because the Sonoff boxes are not all accessible.
I find that it is still a shame that in ewelink, it is not possible to share a device by sending the administrator rights at the same time which, in fact, whoever receives the device in their exelink account becomes owner!

Too bad some devices can’t access them!

Ultimately, it’s not very important because as said above, if the owner name renames these wifi accesses like yours, that should do it. Or I understand less, it’s the manipulation to be done in ewelink to transfer to the new owner, on his new account, the devices we want. I found a place where you enter the SSID of the device, but then ewelink still tries to reconfigure the device even though it is already on the good wifi network. This is where it really gets stuck.

Yes, you obviously didn’t understand. You must write the current name and password from the current router in the new router that is with another provider. Only the owner will log into ewelink with the navia internet. Same old name and password but with a new router and new internet. This way you pretend it’s you when you’re not unless you sign in first. I haven’t tried it, but it makes sense.