Weekend scenes triggers mid week?

Hi to all

I am useng scenes for water heating system with Sonoff Basic R2 and Sonoff SNZB 02D…

I have scenes;

  1. All week (7 Day) from sun set to sun rise, on 22C< & off 23C =Works normaly
  2. Weekend (Saturday Sunday) from sun rise to sun set, on 22C< & off 23C =Works normaly weekend BUT it also triggers midweek days.
  3. Midweek (Monday to Friday) from sun rise to sun set, on 20C< & off 21C =Works normaly BUT scene 2 triggers berfore it.

Why scene 2 triggers on midweek?

It looks like that scene 1 covered all the days, so i think it’s not scene 2 triggers on midweek, it scene 1.

Try to delete scene 1, and set a scene for weekend instead.

Thanks for reply
I revise scene 1 and for now problem solved.

But I have a new one :frowning: Scene for night is finishes normaly but scene for daytime not starts :frowning: