Virtual parallel

hello guys, I suggest creating a routine in which the virtual parallel can be done in a more direct way, in which you don’t need to use 4 separate functions!

I’m sorry that I didn’t understand what you meant. Could you give me a simple practical example to let us know what it is “Virtual parallel” ?

maybe there is a translation error (I’m from Brazil)…

Virtual parallel would be when a device ‘x’ turns off, another device ‘y’ turns off too, and when device ‘x’ turns on another device ‘y’ turns on too. and also vice versa, when a device ‘y’ turns off, ‘x’ turns off and when ‘y’ turns on, ‘x’ turns on.

so that a device copies the state of each other, without having to do 4 different automations

There are “groups”, where devices automatically sync and work together.

how i make this in EweLink?

There are also two posts of tutorials for this feature, you can searching them with keywords “group” in the forum