Group Feature Control You Multiple Devices with One Tap

Group Feature Control You Multiple Devices with One Tap

In our daily lives, we always need to do a lot of repetitive actions simultaneously. For example, When you are in party time, you need to adjust multiple lights to the same brightness. When you need to turn on all the lights on the first floor at the same time. When you go out, you need to turn off simultaneously all the lights in your home.

Have you found that there is such a feature in your eWeLink APP that your devices can be controlled and synchronized with one tap? It’s the Group Feature.

The group feature aim to make the same type of devices can be controlled and synchronized by just one tap. Without this feature, users could only be individually controlled through eWeLink app. Now you can create your group in setting page of your device. After the group is successfully created , it will be displayed on the homepage of the eWelink App. You can control or synchronize devices with one tap through the group

How to create Group

Step 1. Open the eWeLink APP and tap on the device to open Settings;

Step 2. Select Create group;

Step 3. Select add device, and S ave it;

Step 4. Enter name for this group and tap Save;

Step 5. Controlling your devices in the group.

Up to now, all of the switchs,sockets and lights on eWeLink APP support the creation of groups. According to your needs, you can create unique groups that use devices such as the following.



It should be noted that all devices in the group must be in the same home. Devices in different home, even if they are the same products, can’t be grouped.

Hi StephenJ,
can I group more DUALR3 devices to open / close simultaneously more curtains in a room? If not how can I obtain the same result ?


Hi there, at present, users can’t group DUAL R3.
Suggest adding a manual scene, and setting all DUAL R3 as actions, then you can one-tap to activate this scene.

I just bougth 2x L3 Pro led strips, went to group but I dont see the option, any ideas?

I went and updated the app. I had older version. Now it seems that whenever I tap on one of my Led strips the app crashes. Uninstalled and installed but still the same. Any ideas for that?

Best Regards,

@Erin Please help to locate the issue.

Please turn on the Bluetooth and allow eWeLink to access it in the phone settings.

Thank you for the response.
The crashing seems to have stopped.

About the Group functionality?? I cant find it anywhere.

It is also mentioned in the website.

Please help.

It is actually L3 that already supports the group function, not L3 Pro.

I see, my bad.
What are the plans of L3 Pro grouping? You have a roadmap/date;

I used two strips for this awesome bookcase I just finished and its a pitty I cant group…

I can create group in APP. afterthat i can control on and off in APP.
But i can not see a Group in Web ewelink.

Hi there,

At present, users can’t control the device group ON/OFF. We will improve it soon.


I bought 4x5m L3 pro, because of the group controlling (it writes in the manual) but I can’t gruop it…
How is is possible? Please help me! thanks

Hi there, could you please provide the device ID for one of the four L3 Pro devices? With the device ID, I can check whether the L3 Pro is supported for the Device Group feature. Thank you!

Hello, thank you.

Fcc id: 2APN5L3-C

Hi there, I apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any detailed information about the mode L3-C-P. If it’s possible, could you please add the device to the eWeLink app and share the device ID with us? This will help our system to identify the device and provide more specific information.

Hello, thank you for the help, here are two of them what I added to eWeLink.


Hi there, right now, grouping control is not available to L3 Pro. Actually, Sonoff team has added it to the roadmap. You can also bring your request to Sonoff team, which may speed up their implementation.

Thank you. So you think I can build it in, and in the near feature it will work?
Where can I send this request?


Now there is no access to build a group for L3 Pro, but in the future, you would be able to do it. Reach out to Sonoff via mailto:

Thank you