SONOFF L3 Pro doesnt allow to group. SONOFF L3 (Non Pro) Does

Hello, i bought 3 x 5m Lightstripes L3 Pro for my Kitchen Lighting, but now ive seen i cant group them in the App, so its not possible to control them in one touch from my NS Panel. On the other Hand i got 2 x L3 (Non Pro) and i can group them in my App and add them as 1 changeable widget to my NS Panel.

Will there be an Update for the L3 Pro so its groupable or is it impossible for those in the future.

Thanks in advance

Hello, I have the same problem. It writes it’s possible to group control. Thats egy I bought that, but how? Please help someone . Thanks

Hi guys, in fact, the L3 Pro is currently not supporting group control while L3 does. We will bring this feature request of L3 pro to Sonoff.

I mean, it just makes sense that a pro version supports a feature of a non pro version. I guess.

Same here, just bought 12 units of L3 P and need to group some of them, please Sonoff make this request happen

Hi guys, we have brought this feature to Sonoff. You guys can also contact Sonoff, which might speed up the implementation.

Hello to every body! I read your above and previous posts regarding the subject of group control per the sonoff L3 pro led tape. Do we have any update on the subject matter, per group controlling? I will be very glad if someone replies to me. Thank you in advance. Have a nice day!! :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s already works great with a new update!

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