Using eWeLink with ESP8266

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i want to manage my lamps and power stage with eWeLink. So i bought relay switchs and ESP8266. i connected Home Assist and ESP8266 successfully. i created yaml file for this situtation.

But i want to manage my smart relays with eWeLink. i confused my brain in this situation. I want my device to pair automatically with eWeLink. How should i write yaml file for ESP8266 ?

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I remember there have a ewelink add-on for HA, which can sync some HA devices to ewelink, not all of them, partially i think, switches and plugs.

Hello @emrecnulkr ! The best integration I have tested on iHost with ESP8266 is the Tasmota firmware:

The tutorial for Tasmota is here:

I did a long time ago with the ESPHome, you need to use the NodeRED, but I donĀ“t know if is working yet. The tutorial is here:

maybe you can use this esp module directly:!USD!7.13!5.56!!!7.13!5.56!%402151e66217115896715113628e6300!10000000202444247!sea!BR!4298515415!AB&curPageLogUid=lEMGMVRZws1h&utparam-url=scene%3Asearch|query_from%3A

the module come with the smart relay firmware and you can use it to build your smart relay product.