Customised device with iHost


If I want to build my own device (which can browse data by browser - Web API?), can I integrate this to iHost and how? I am trying to study on how NodeRed work and Open API but not fully understand yet.


Here is a demo show you how to connect devices to eWeLink CUBE system for control and management.

I’m sure there will be video tutorials soon showing how to register devices with Node-red and display them in the eWeLink cube system. Stay tuned


I am using custom dashboards with NodeRed and the “node-red-dashboard”.

If you want custom devices (ESP8266, ESP32), you can use ESPHome inside Home Assistant or directly:

Can be used Tasmota too installing a mqtt broker with container “eclipse-mosquitto” and control it inside Home Assistant or NodeRed.

Now a open source addon for tasmota is internal testing, it will works with “eclipse-mosquitto” MQTT broker, convert mqtt subscription messages to http messages, integrate devices connected to mqtt broker into the ihost

The open source addon is expected to be released in the next week or two

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ESPHome is working very well, the only thing missing is the output from NodeRed and data visualization in CAST. Could you officially add the ESPHome integration?

We are not familiar with the MQTT protocol content of ESPHome devices, and if developers are familiar with the use of these topics, they can integrate the ESPHome devices with a few modifications on the open source addon that we will provide soon.

Understand. With this Addon will be possible to access the Zigbee devices ?
I know that actually has a security problem make avaliable the zigbee control for user, but you should create a button to enable or not this access for development. The user that disable this protection will be aware of possible security issues.

With announcement of iHost firmware 1.9.1 which support MQTT2CUBE-Tasmota. I have seen the note that it’s only work with switch and plug, if I want to flash esp32 with Tasmota but connect to other sensor, i.e,. temperature/humid, does it work?.