Unable to register/sign up

If you fail to register or sign up, please walk through the guide below.

  1. Check if your verification code is entered correctly. Make sure your verification code is entered within 30 minutes, otherwise it may expire. If the code expires, please re-send the code.
  2. Check if your phone network is stable. Make sure you have connected to a normal network.
  3. Check if you have forgotten to click “Register”.
  4. Check if you are using auto-fill feature of your cellphone. If so, please manually enter email instead, because auto-fill will add empty space to the end of your email.
  5. Check if you are using the input method of your own language. If so, please switch to English input method and try again.

When all these methods fail, please submit a feedback in eWeLink app and tell us the email address you want to use for registration.

We will try to find out the cause and provide a solution for you.