Unable to discover Tuya Zigbee device!

I recently received the ewelink Zigbee Gateway, And I said it up in the app and it’s working, but when I try to discover Zigbee devices It doesn’t pick the Tutya zigbrr four way switcher that I have, I don’t have any other Zigbee devices so I’m not sure, Am I missing anything?

you better mention the model of the device so that the ewelink team will see if they can add support later for your tuya zigbee device , not all zigbee devices are working out of box

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Lol, I never came with the hope that Tuya Zigbee would work with any standard Zigbee 3.0 gateway.

Even Z2M won’t guarantee that

very very ture , tuya zigbee came from outside of earth

No joking

They just tend to modify too much of zigbee standard, like announcing a totally different device type when reporting to the gateway.

You can see lots of such issues here with Tuya devices

Wherever they come from, with HA they somehow get around and work. Some kind of weird, huh?

still there is few devices until now not working with zha nor zigbee2mqtt , i got ty0a01 - smart door lock it doesnt work with anything except tuya hub

to be specific the devices I’m using as the AliExpress listing name:

  • ZigBee 3.0 Smart Gateway Hub eWeLink APP Smart Home Automation Ethernet Bridge
  • MOES 4 Gang Tuya ZigBee Wireless 12 Scene Switch Push Button Controller Battery Powered Automation Scenario for Tuya Devices

Kinky name :sunglasses:

Popular models work great, but I won’t risk it if it’s not listed in the Z2M database.

But even if a device is supported by Z2M, some features may still be missing like Aqara Z1 Pro’s slider. I kinda wasted money on the pro version.

The Pro version does not support Zigbee2MQTT. What makes you think that devices from the Zigbee2MQTT base will work? You don’t even have a guarantee that interoperability will ensure Zigbee 3.0 compatibility; that such devices will be recognised and associated with ZBBridge Pro. Sonoff does not publish any information regarding this aspect, and that’s a real shame.
In general, getting hooked into the eWeLink ecosystem (and any other of this kind) with the hope that one can connect everything to everything is a failed idea. The slogan ‘eWeLink - Works with everything’ is a rather cheap publicity hanky-panky. You want broad compatibility - get Home Assistant.

I can provide a link to a vendor of such 4chanel zigbee relay cards. They used to work on the ZB Bridge, but never worked on the nwewr ZB Bridge PRO. They work well on Tuya, on ZHA and Ziggee2MQTT. What is interesting is the 1 and 2 channel zigbee relay cards from the same manufacturer works well on ZB Birdge PRO, but the 4ch version doesn´t.

Additional information is the same happens with the Philips Hue Bridge. 1 and 2 channel versions work well, but 4ch version does not work either.

Hope this helps: