UK Wiring Help - MiniR4

I’ve got a MiniR4 but struggling to get it work - closest i’ve got is a flickering light.

It should be really simple. Single switch and a single L and N feed from the light(s).

What do i connect where to get it work?

I don’t have a an R4 but have the first version and Zigbee version. They’re all really simple. I generally just connect them in a box to a plug before installing them just to pair them before installing. Then having established they work just move them into where I want them. Does your MiniR4 work even if you install it in a box?

I’ve only got it to work where i have a switch that has a separate live feed (in addition to the feed going to the lights).

If that makes sense? Where i can’t get it to work (and where i need help) is when i have just a feed coming from the lights to the switch.

As far as I know (and I have several of them working) feed should not come from light. Feed should come from non switched phase and N (zero). This is probably why it does not work.