Tomzn 63A ewelink energy meter & sonoff powr2

I have a tomzn 63A energy meter which is fully functional with the ewelink app. The firmware name is PSF-B67-GL which is exactly like the POWR2 from sonoff.

My question is
Is there a way how to display the curves of voltage and current similar to the energy consumed? This is ideal to show the voltage variation with time. I am looking forward for your feedback and comments.

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Is the request to include a chart for voltage and current display? The key concern is if the server is capable of obtaining real-time updates for these values. I’ll verify with the team and let you know.

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Hi Stephen,
Yes, this could be an option . To make it more interesting an option can be to select the voltage and current to display their curves versus time. The variation of the instantaneous power can also be displayed. This makes more potential of the power device since at the moment it is only displaying the energy consumption. This is calculated by processing the V, I values. It would be helpful if you can help.

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Good morning Stephen,
Do you have any updates about this topic?


Hi there,

As mentioned earlier, I will check with the team regarding the possibility of including a chart for voltage and current display, and I can confirm that the device reports real-time information about the current. So theoretically, it is possible for us to implement this feature.

May I ask which brand your device belongs to? As eWeLink is a solution provider for various brands, when implementing a feature, we need to collaborate with the brand/manufacturer to ensure that it can be feasibly implemented. From our end, we can propose this feature to the brand of your device and see how we can proceed.

I will keep you updated on any developments. Thank you for your patience.

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Hi Stephen,
I am using 3 different power measurement devices on my ewelink.
TOMZN - 63A EWELINK WIFI SMart Switch - FW Name PSF-B67-GL
16A EU WIFI Smart Plug - FW Name CK-BL602-SWP1-01

Hope this information helps you better. Many thanks for your support.

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