Show energy history chart on cast

Hello! How can I activate Power consumption on history chart? Thank you!


Given there are all kinds of statics and units from various devices, only supported ones will be listed there as of now and we are extending the list.

Supported devices (including variations like different plugs):

  • Sonoff POWR3 Wi-Fi Smart Switch with Energy Monitoring
  • Sonoff S31 Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Power Monitoring US Type
  • Sonoff S40TPB/S40TPA Wi-Fi Smart Plug
  • Sonoff S60TPF/S60TPG iPlug Wi-Fi Smart Plug
  • Sonoff DUALR3 2-Gang Wi-Fi Smart Switch
  • Sonoff SPM-4Relay Smart Stackable Power Meter (4-Relays)
  • Sonoff POWR316D POW Elite Smart Power Meter Switch
  • Sonoff POWR320D POW Elite Smart Power Meter Switch
  • Sonoff POWR316 POW Origin Smart Power Meter Switch
  • Certain unbranded/non-Sonoff POW devices from eWeLink

Thank you! As I understand SONOFF S26 R2 TPF-DE is not in the list.