Timer on and off

can you explain how to set up my smart plug if I want it to go on at 730pm every night and shut off at 1am every night automatically? thanks.

Create a scene. You may do it this way:

But there are other possibilities too :slight_smile:

Thx for the help!

@mikehootner The scene above should work, But if you want more tolerance in case the turning off option won’t work after a network/power outage; You can creat two scenes, one to open another to shut down.

In case of a power outage, creating a separate scene will not help. For example, if you schedule a device to switch off at 09:00 and a power outage occurs at that time, the device will not be switched off when power is restored later. The condition assumes that this will happen exactly at 09:00. eWeLink scenes do not allow you to set up time intervals, nor do they allow you to create helpers, as is the case with the automations known from Home Assistant.

I mean, during the time of the delay part, it should be ok. :slightly_smiling_face:

Power interruptions are always problematic. Especially when it’s hot and people are going crazy with air conditioning, which overloads the network and there are momentary interruptions due to grid switching. The best solution is an iHost or other automation server connected to a small UPS or power bank type buffer. I have been using this solution successfully for several years. All Zigbee automations with battery-powered end devices (e.g. IKEA roller blinds or Sonoff remotes) work flawlessly even when the power is out.

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