Hi. I have a scene that should trigger at 18h00. It won’t trigger after 18h00 if there was no network/power at 18h00. Can you consider automatic time loop routines for scenes in general

Good luck, ewelink hates loops in scenes. :slight_smile:

However, if you need to perform a task after regaining the Internet and the execution time has already passed, then…
Depending on what your scene is doing and what devices are in it, maybe we could come up with something…

Hey, thx for the feedback. But loops in the scene could cause unexpected trouble on the server side. That’s not the best way to avoid failed scenes due to power/network outages. And even if we have the loop feature, that will be in an action sequence, you still need a trigger that would be affected by outages.

Thank you for the response… can you suggest a way to trigger failed timed scenes… is there another way that is

First thought came to my mind would be using an extra device like a variable for conditions.

For instance, when an action started, turn on a plug or light (on = scene triggered successfully).

Add a second scene at 18:30 or 19:00 with the same action and extra condition if the plug is off.

And reset the plug state depending on your use case by turning off your plug.

The scene logs show what happened and which elements did not work.

The HBS-0 scene included several different actions, one of them was turning on S26R2, which was offline, as a result of which we have a trace in the log that it failed.
So the problem is to extract the information live and process it.

It would be great if eWeLink (@ward ) implemented reading specific status from logs as triggers! Or implemented the ability to pass such variables via a webhook… ewelink servers are aware that a given action per scene has encountered an error, so status tracking is already implemented in a sense. Now it would only be necessary to add the option of extracting and forwarding this information beyond just the scene log.

But I have no hope on this matter.

The first thing that comes to mind is to use MacroDroid, observe the ewelink app and react to a specific text, and then make appropriate responses. It’s doable, but it will be terribly tedious to work out the entire sequence.
Because ewelink does not automatically refresh scene logs. This means that MacroDroid would have to perform manual actions on the screen that we program for it.

The second option is almost the same, but based on a web browser and the PageProbe add-on and ewelink web.
The same principle would be to observe scene logs and react to specific text. Potentially feasible, although the manual refreshing of logs would need to be addressed.

@songal @StephenJ Would you mind taking a look at this scene feature?