Third party devices added through the open-api not available in eWeLink App

Hi! Just troubleshooting a NSPanel Pro by adding a third party device.

Trying to test adding third party devices using the Open-API. I have managed to a add a dummy plug as a device, which I can see on the NSPanel Pro UI, however I cannot manage the device in the eWeLink App. I don’t see it there. Any ideas why that is? Are third party devices only available on the gateway itself and if yes, what’s the point as I am not able to control them from the eWeLink App.

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i am unable to access mdns , error : port number is not decimal . How to assign port number to nspanel or what is default port number

The default port is 8081.

Any ideas what’s the point of adding 3rd party devices if I cannot include them in scenes and I cannot see them in the eWeLink app anyone?

Third-party devices only work locally and cannot be synced to the cloud - eWeLink’s cloud servers are not compatible with these third-party devices.

Thank you for replying. The idea still remains. What’s their use? I cannot include them into scenes, basically I cannot automate them in any way. I cannot expose them to third party services. I fail to see their use… Why have they been developed?

If you use the NSPanel Pro, you just can control these third-party devices on the screen. But if you use the ihost, you can set the local scenes, you can synced them to Matter network - like apple home.

I can see some benefits for the iHost, however there isn’t much for NSPanel Pro.

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