Thinking about logical variables

hi there,

I’ve a suggestion, that maybe come from my past as developer: what about introduce in the APP(web app) the concept of logical variable? it will help very much in the creation of more sophisticated scenes.

I’ll give you an example of what I menan, in this moment if you want that a light will be switched on by a scene only when is night you’ve only one way; you setup a time frame for the activation of the scene. it works but this is not accurate, daylight time change every day.

a better solution could be acheived in two way:

1st add an option in activation time frame that state: during night time or during daytime (easy to use but limit the application at this specific use case)

2nd, create a variable. a virtual device that have a boolean status (on/off) then toggle this variable with scene trigger “at sunrise” / “at sunset” then apply this variable in the IFs condition of the light.

today I’ve applyed this second solution using a phisical sonoff mini r2 and it works perfectly, but of course it’s a waste of hardware.

in this example I think a bout a boolean variable use case - that can be replaced by a phisical sonoff -, but of course can be used in a lot of other circumstances if the variable can have different type of values such as numeric values (eg temperature or humidity values, wattage consumption…)

obviusly you can say that I’m creazy :smiley:

Does webhooks feature of eWeLink web meet the needs?
I placed a reply below the other suggestion post of yours, open to any ideas.

As replied under the other topic, I still have to study well the webhooks functionality so if WH can meet this request or not… I don’t know honestly.

Anyway a consideration that is wider then the specific argument: rely on third parties for anything that’s a little bit complex then ordinary will place your system behind third parties in market competition. Not all user have the skills to setup interactions between applications or have the willing to do it. Much more power you have in a single easy place happy you are :slight_smile: